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How about a morning with a difference? A moment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Where you can literally switch off and enjoy a beautiful High Tea, fabulous conversation topped off with a motivational word from Nalini, gift-wrapped in music and poetry? Then Nalini’s Positivitea is the perfect breather for you.

Event includes an exquisite high tea, music, poetry and motivation.  
* $69 pp - Minimum of 6 and Maximum of 8 guests

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Be inspired, be motivated, and have a wonderful morning with friends
I wanted to create an intimate space where people can break away from the demands, pressures and struggles of life. Call it a breather in an environment of warmth where you will meet other great people also in need of a breather.
Dress up and do it over a beautiful high tea with a selection of delightful nibbles with beautiful music and part of Nalini's own powerful story of faith, loss and life thrown into the mix.  
It takes a simple breather to a whole other level.
But why?
There have been many times in my past where I've felt the need of an escape. Where a walk in the park just doesn't suffice. Where I've longed for an environment where I can be encouraged, spurred on and inspired. Where I leave ready to dust the dirt from my knees, to get back up and to keep on going.
I couldn't find that space.
So I've created it for you instead. Nx
Nalini is a Motivational Artist, classically trained in Piano and uses the Arts to encourage, inspire, challenge and motivate individuals through Music, Poetry and Spoken Word. 

Nalini decided to take this concept to a whole different level by hosting Morning High-Tea’s (Positivitea)  where she opens up about her own personal journey which brings with it tears and side-splitting laughter.

It's a place for you to come and find rest and recoup where you will leave ready for what awaits you in your world. 
Event includes an exquisite high tea, music, poetry and motivation.  
* $69 pp - Minimum of 6 and Maximum of 8 guests

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Entering Sandro and Nalini's home to the immediate warmth...

and inviting atmosphere was the start to an unforgettable and incredibly moving musical experience. Josh and I weren't certain what to expect , but whatever our expectations were, became quickly surpassed.

Nalini shares her family's journey of heartache and faith in God to persevere through adventure, change , the unexpected, hurt and God's love. It is an emotionally engaging event and reaches deep to touch your heart and experience the journey alongside her.
This is an opportunity to hear how people aren't perfect and plans get disrupted ... things don't go our way ... but God has a plan that is bigger and dreams do come true.

We would highly recommend attending one of these concerts to experience it for yourself. You may not leave with dry eyes, but you will leave with an uplifting realization that the door you thought was shut, is open and God's ready to see you thrive as you leap through it to find yourself and find Him.

What could be nicer than a morning at someone’s home...

high tea, beautiful table set, fresh flowers and a white baby grand piano. All welcoming , and then to be entertained by such a beautiful voice and engaging and dynamic personality of Nalini. 
I cried and I laughed, and came away confirmed that trusting the unknown throughout the unknown, and enduring and persevering throughout all seasons along with unwavering faith is a gift and the greatest provider of Hope. Hope that endures and blesses forever. 

I experienced the most beautiful morning...

hosted by the highly creative & gifted Nalini. I was greeted by her warm welcome into a stunning setting of delightful cakes, flowers, teapots & baby grand piano.

The atmosphere was so inviting & embracing. As conversation flowed, so too did the cups of tea & feasting. Nalini weaved her touching story throughout the morning whilst tinkling the ivories & showcasing her incredible classical piano talent. 

It truly was a memorable event where I was able to enjoy the company of some beautiful ladies, lovely conversation, hear testimony  creatively portrayed & enjoy a delightful morning tea. 
Thank you Nalini xx
It was the morning before an important function that evening…

...and though tired and worn, I was determined to keep the High Tea appointment.

On arrival, I was greeted with the laughter and light chatter of the other attendees yet to make their acquaintance and of course, beautiful  Nalini herself. 
My eyes feasted on the lavishly set table of assorted cakes and carefully crafted petite savouries 
framed by vases of lush lilac, pink and white roses. Intricate bone china tea pots sat waiting to be poured. I couldn't stop smiling as my eyes drank in the picture-perfect set-up. What a pleasant surprise!!!... READ THE REST OF THIS REVIEW HERE

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